1960 born in London

1979 Art Foundation & Printmaking at Barnet College

1984 B.A.Hons Degree in Jewellery Design from Middlesex University

1985-2001 Fashion & Accessories marketing including window display design

Skin Shapes – solo exhibition of paintings from the model at
The Britannia Centre London. March 2010
Open Art Exhibition at The Britannia Centre London. November 2010

Member of The Printmakers Council.
The Printmakers Council at The RK Burt Gallery, London October

Proof Perfect at The Framers Gallery, London December 2012

Photographics at Great Western Studios, London. November 2013 Highgate – A Reflection in Print at The Highgate Literary
Society & Scientific Institute December 2013
Mini Print Internacional De Cadaques, Spain. June 2013

The Bainbridge Open at The Embassy Tea Gallery. May 2014
National Print Exhibition at Bankside Gallery, London. September 2014
CYMK at The Pie Factiory, Margate. September 2014
Art In The Cypriot Community at The Britannia Centre, London. November 2014

Works On Paper at The Barbican Library, London. January 2015
The Maritime Exhibition at The Mall Gallery. London. September 2015
The Hampstead Affordable Art Fair, London. June 2015
Fifty:Fifty at The New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey. March 2015
50 years of Artists Prints at Bankside Gallery, London. September 2015
Abstract Trees. Cyprus High Commission, London. September- October 2015

London to Nicosia. Art, Connection and Expression.
The Zambelas Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus. April 2016

After the study of art forms primarily focusing on Printmaking, Photography and Life drawing Despina specialized in Jewellery Design, gaining a B.A.Hons degree from Middlesex University. In recent years Despina has returned to the two dimensional formats which had originally fired her imagination.

The human form has been Despina’s preferred image but an eye for the interesting and occasionally quirky elements find their way into her style of work, be it representational or abstract. A variety of printmaking mediums are applied to frequently capture a figurative form often juxtaposed with manmade scenes surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Photography is used in much the same way as sketching. To collate information as a starting point or even to evolve into the dominating medium of the process. The use of colour introduces a vibrant and playful element to what can sometimes be a somber image. Evoking a feeling or mood which is as individual as the viewer.

“The printmaking process can range from tedious to challenging which mostly will lead to a pleasing final image.
In any creative field, the path taken from inspiration to the end product is the most fascinating and instructive period.
While working, unconscious thought rhythms occur that lead to ‘happy accidents’ resulting in a very pleasing image that has evolved from its original shape and format.
The traditional square or rectangle plate governs presentation, as does paper and canvas. Experimenting outside the embossed edge of the plate also appeals to me, as it brings another facet of possibility into play.”

The years spent designing and making jewellery have begun to influence Despina’s printmaking. There are similarities between the two that were not obvious at the beginning. Both art and design mediums involve the use of metal, be it precious or otherwise. The metal is worked to obtain a final piece.

As a follow on from Despina’s current work she has began using a collection of small plates to make a whole image.
“I see the next body of work following this theme where the two creative practices will meet and a hybrid version may evolve beyond the plate
But as is the nature of this process the end result may in fact be something completely different.”

Although exploring the print making technique in its many formats, Despina still regularly paints and draws from life.
This is a practice fundamental to artistic expression.

The path taken from inspiration to the final outcome is a most fascinating and instructive period.

Publications & Catalogues

Making An Impression, Printmakers Council at 50
Transformation. Trees & Abstract. Cyprus High Commission
Works On Paper. Barbican, London
Photographics. Great Western Studios, London
CMYK Margate~
Internacional De Cadaques Madrid
London To Nicosia – Art Connection and Expression. Zambelas Gallery, Nicosia Cyprus


Private collectors worldwide~
‘Olive Tree Sunset’ is held in the Victoria & Albert Museum archive